24 februar, 2015

    Flytekai skal ta imot cruiseskip, lagre drivstoff, huse universitetsansatte og laboratorium i Longyearbyen

    16 april, 2014

    Havnebåten MV Longyear II er klar for de første sjøprøvene etter ombygging.

    19 januar, 2014
    It looks more like a boat every day

    At the yard in Estonia is the hull of the new boat nearly finished. Both the hull and superstructure are now taking shape. The hull will in the near future be examined with X-rays to reveal any cracks. Then the hull and superstructure are moved to Finland for completion.

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    17 desember, 2013
    Pilot- and port vessel sold
    Fjell på siste tur til ny eier

    MS Fjell,Port of Longyearbyens existing pilot vessel was today delivered to the new owner in Rognan, outside Bodø. The vessel has been a good working tool for the Port the past five years and will in the spring next year be replaced by a new vessel.

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