Guest Docks

Turistkaia / Tourist pier

Turistkaia is Longyearbyens’ public accommodations for smaller explorer cruise ships, daily tour boats and other passenger boats with scheduled daily arrival and departure times.

Turistkaia is 250 meters long (June 2019) and can be docked from both sides. Ships up to 60 meters can request docking at Turistkaia. Guests and passengers pay a passenger tax for use of the tourist pier. Turistkaia offers electricity, water and diesel.

  • The Tourist pier is a quay for commercial passenger ships in traffic.
  • The Tourist pier has dedicated zones for the various vessels in terms of size and type of traffic.
  • Some vessels with daily departures or several departures during the week have a reserved place at the pier.
  • Vessels without a permanent place at the pier assigned by the Port, are requested to contact the Port Control for the allocation of berth upon arrival. There is no advance booking of space at the Tourist pier.
  • The Tourist pier is an unsheltered dock and is unprotected from weather and drifting ice. Docked vessels must therefore have available crew to move the vessel at the request of the Port Control.
  • Inflatables or dinghies are not allowed to be moored to the vessel or dock when staying at the Tourist pier. In this case, inflatables will have to pay the minimum rate.
  • Vessels docking av the Tourist pier are required to register and pay for all arriving and departing guests aboard not included in the vessel’s permanent crew.
  • Vessels with a maximum length up to 24 meters, pay quay fees and other services by the ticket machine on shore side or by using app on smartphone. Payment is due within 30 minutes of arrival.
  • Larger commercial vessels, please contact the Port Control for payment.
  • Vessels that are docked at the diesel filling area for refueling for less than an hour, are not required to pay the quay fee as long as the Port authorities are notified of this.
  • All vessels must be proper moored and fendered
  • Please keep noise to a minimum between 23:00 and 07:00
  • Destruction of property or leaving waste in the marina are not allowed, and will be reported to the authorities
  • It is not allowed to discharge septic-tanks or black water in the port
  • This area is under camera surveillance
  • Power chips for 16Amp are paid on the app or on the ticket machine and are retrieved in the Service Building
  • Freshwater: Fresh water is free, if available, for boats that pay with the Gomarina app or the ticket machine.
  • Waste disposal on shore side: Waste is included in the quay fee for boats that pay with the app or the ticket machine. For larger amounts of waste and water this register at the Arrival form

Other docks

Tenderakaia / Tender Pier

Tenderkaia is Longyearbyen docks’ ISPS terminal for tender boats from cruise ships when no space available at the Bykaia terminal, or the ship does not meet the criteria for docking. This pier is designated for Tenders boats.

Tenderkaia has room for two boats type Schat Harding tenders simultaneously.

Rib brygga / Rib pier

Rib brygga is intended for local Rib passenger boats with several trips daily. The pier is 80 meters long with room for boats docked at either side.

Payment options

Port Longyear has two payment options available: The GoMaria app (available on both Android and iOS) or though our payment central located at the pier. The payment central accepts all major credit cards.

GoMarina app

For the GoMarina app payment option, please download the app from Google play (for Android users) or the Apple app store (for iOS users).

GoMarina on Google play

GoMarina in App store

Servicebygget / Servicebulding

Servicebygget is available to use for all guests at Port Longyear: Showers and washing machines are available to use for a fee. Payments through the GoMarina app.

Contact information:

Phone: +47 79 02 21 50
24-hour phone: +47 91 12 23 00