Bykaia is an ISPS-terminal, and follows the rules according to the ISPS-code. Unless otherwise informed, the security-level at Bykaia is level one. At security level one, Bykaia is allowed to have non-ISPS vessels on the pier-endings, secured with fences. The following actions has been taken to enhance the security at Bykaia:

  • All ISPS areas are fenced
  • All ISPS areas are under camera surveilance
  • Only authorized personel can access ISPS-areas
  • Securityguard is posted at the gate

24-hours prior to arrival, a ship report must be delivered to the port authorities.

Please download “ISPS Ship Report” for more information.

IMO Port Facility (PDF EN)

ISPS Ship Report (PDF EN)

Contact information:

Phone: +47 79 02 21 50
24-hour phone: +47 91 12 23 00