Port Tenders

New Port Tenders to Longyear Port Control and Pilot Service

Port of Longyearbyen has since 2009 received tree new boats dedicated mooring, pilot and port operations. All have capabilities for limited tug operations and has during the summer season assisted several ships to moore. All tenders have a trust varying from 1 – 6 tons. The tenders are multipurpose vessels and are able to handle a variety of tasks for both local business and public authorities.


Elling Carlsen

Length: 16,2m (loa)
Witdth: 4,8 m
Depht: 1,1 m

Propulsion machinery
Engines 2 x Scania V8 16L diesel
Waterjet 2 x Rolls Royce A3 40
Max displasement 30 t
Speed max 43 knots
Pulling force 6,2 t

Port Tender

Longyear II

Length: 10,6m (loa)
Witdth: 3,4 m
Depht: 0,7 m

Propulsion machinery
Engines 2 x Yanmar 6LY3-ETP
Waterjet 2 x Hamilton 274
Max displasement 10 t
Speed max 40 knots
Pulling force 2 t

Mooring boat


Length: 7,8m (loa)
Witdth: 2,9 m
Depht: 0,5 m

Propulsion machinery
Engines 1 x Iveco N60-370
Waterjet 1 x Alamarin 285
Max displasement 2,6t
Speed max 30 knots
Pulling force 0,8 t