Privacy Policy
The tracing and collection of personal information in Norway is mainly regulated by the privacy policy law (personvernsopplysningsloven). It is also regulated by ekomloven (lov om elektrisk informasjon / the law of electric information) and the marketing law. There are also given guidelines of the treatment of privacy information from the laws of accounting and economics.

Gathering of information to create a tailored experience
To ensure that the information on the websites are relevant for you, we use information capsules to gather specific information: Your language, tracking your movement within the webpage, and information about which digital device you are using.

Cookies (information capsules)
Different chunks of information are registered about you in a “cookie” when you are visiting our websites. A Cookie (information capsule) is a small file which is stored locally on your device. A cookie is not harmful, and it cannot contain a virus or any programs. The function of a cookie is to gather information from your use of our website, for example the timing of when last gave our website a visit. The cookie is what’s making the website remember which language you prefer, what names you usually fill a form with, and your current location. A cookie is saved by your browser on your device, and can be deleted by you through the browsers settings and preferences.

Information capsules – settings in your internet browser
When accepting the use of information capsules, you will obtain a more relevant and tailored experience within the webpages you visit. You can choose to turn off the gathering of cookies, and delete the ones which are already saved on your device. To do this, simply open your browser settings to make the changes you prefer. You can read about how to delete your information capsules, and how to turn of the gathering of cookies on

Analytical purpose
We use Google Analytics to gain knowledge about you and other users’ behavior on our website. Through Google Analytics we get analyzed data which is used to enhance and improve our website’s functionality, user experience and content. The information is stored anonymously on Google Analytics’ servers. The data collected is anonymous and contains no private information: The information cannot be traced back to you.

No personal information is stored by us
No form of personal information about you is stored by us through our website. We only use anonymous information about your behavior on our website, which cannot be traced back to you or your device. We do not gather or save personal information such as your name, number, email, age, sex, interests, what other webpages you visit, etc. As mentioned above, your name and other personal data might be stored locally on your device as cookies, but this is information we is not accessible to us in any way.

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