Expedition vessels and regular charter

Vessels up to 60 meters

Upon arrival


Contact Port Control by phone +47 911 22 300 for berth allocation upon arrival. Booking in advance is not possible.

The Tourist pier has dedicated zones for the various vessels in terms of size and type of traffic. The zone for expedition vessels up to 60 meters is the outer side of the pier and marked «CHARTER».

The Tourist pier is an unsheltered dock unprotected from weather and drifting ice. Docked vessels must therefore have an available crew to move the vessel at the request of the Port Control.

Docking fees and payment

Vessels docking at the Tourist pier are required to fill out and deliver the Departure report when leaving.

Fees are calculated from all arriving and departing guests aboard from your vessel not included in the vessel’s permanent crew.

Inflatables or dinghies moored to the vessel OR dock have to pay the minimum rate for docking.

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Map of turistkaia and ribkaia

Before departure

Ensure you do not leave anything on the pier, shoreside or in the port handcarts.

Make sure you have registered all services used in the Departure report. Send a departure report on departure or immediately after departure.

Failure to send the Departure report will cause your next arrival to be delayed. If you have forgotten something or need assistance, please contact us

General rules

All vessels must be appropriately moored and fendered.

Please keep noise to a minimum between 23:00 and 07:00.

Discharging septic tanks or black water in the port is not allowed.

Ensure you do not leave anything on the pier, shoreside or in the port handcarts.

Facilities available

Fresh water

Fresh water is available for a fee for boats that are docked at our port.


Shore power is available through 16A one-phase sockets for a fee.

Waste disposal

Common waste disposal is available onshore. For disposal of hazardous waste or oversized waste please contact Port Control.


Be aware that the Port of Longyearbyen is under camera surveillance.

Port Lounge

Our port lounge is available for all port guests and offers free wifi and comfortable seating.


Toilets are available to use for free for all guests. Showers and washing machines are available to use for a fee.


All fees can be paid through GoMarina app or our shoreside ticket machine.

Useful resources

Departure reports

See our document page find our departure report, in addition to our regulations and other useful documents.