Our piers

The Port of Longyearbyen offers four piers for different use and vessel lengths.

The Port of Longyearbyen can accommodate vessels up to 350 meters and 9 meters draft on the main Bykaia terminal. Vessels up to 60 meters and pleasure crafts up to 8 meters draft can stay on Turistkaia floating pier. We have Rib brygga for local rib boats and Tenderkaia for embarking and disembarking from vessels anchored in the Adventfjord bay.


The Port of Longyearbyen has limited berth capacity and journeys should be planned.

In specific periods throughout the year, demand exceeds available wharf capacity.

The Port reserve the right to reduce lay time, move ships to anchor or alter berth position to allow most ships to take care of their business. This requires that all ships make the most of their laytime at the piers.

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Full overview map of Port Longyear.


Depths 30- 100 m. Anchored vessels should not obstruct traffic in and out of the port and be aware of underwater infrastructure – see Nautical maps and publications. .

Handcarts are available to use for port guests only.

Must be returned after use clean and empty to the Parking place.