Bykaia terminal

Bykaia is mostly used for docking large cruise vessels, general cargo and support vessels.

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Map of Kullkaia and Bykaia.

Bykaia is an ISPS terminal and follows the rules according to the ISPS code.

Unless otherwise declared, the security level at Bykaia is at level one at all times. At security level one, Bykaia is allowed to have non-ISPS vessels on the pier endings, secured with fences. The following actions have been taken to enhance the security at Bykaia:

All ISPS areas are fenced

  • All ISPS areas are under camera surveillance
  • Only authorised personnel can access ISPS areas
  • The security guard is posted at the gate
  • 24 hours prior to arrival, a ship report must be delivered to the port authorities.

Please download the “ISPS Ship Report” for more information on our documents page.

Bykaia terminal information

ISPS terminal Yes - level 1
Length 84 m
Width 16 m
Depth 9 m
Bollard 75 t / 80 t / 250 t
Load per square meters 4,0 t/m2
Height from pier to water 2 m on High, 3,5 m on Low
Facilities available Fresh Water, Fuel on request